Redza Remee


Digital native raised multicultural, I found interest in content, marketing, and persuasion at an early age.I'm a copywriter and marketing strategist...With content creation experience in:→ Music/Audio Engineering
→ Visual Graphics/Video-Editing
→ Poetry/Lyrics/Stylistic Writing
→ Copy/Info-Conversion Content
The story so far:
→ Started freelance writing for clients at 15 years old (in 2018).
→ From FB/IG Ads to featured on HitzFM (on a $20/month budget).
→ Scored $87,400 in projected-ACV within 92 days (for a client).
Here’s what I’ve learnt:
#1. Sell the identity-driven benefit, not the end-result (or features).
#2. Words create meaning through the micro-context/audience.
#3. People buy to 'self-preserve perception', not to reach an outcome.

My Values

As a results-driven marketer —My job is to accentuate value, not lie for you.Money fuels sustainable good.I like to be nice, but sometimes I'm human.Every product, angled-well, is a value-add...To the right customer.🥀 🐊

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